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CLT-50S Power Supply/ Power Pack
CLT-50S Power Supply/ Power Pack
Power supplier for HIMAX TL series electric screwdriver

Compact size
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Power Supply

HIMAX TL low-voltage DC series should be fitted with
CLT-50/ CLT-50S power supplier/power pack in use.

Fitted with micro-miniature SMP resistance and advised electronic circuit, featuring small volume,
      big power, safe, dependable and easy repair.
Adopting SMD spot welding technology, the control base plate is small and precise.
With H20 advanced silicon steel sheet core, the power supply is stable, free of burn, safe and
      dependable. In gilded coating, the electric driver holder has good electric conductivity.
The nickel-plated handle is hard, durable and resistant to damage.
The built-in wiring is all twice insulated, conforming to CCE and CE safety regulations.
The insulated rubber base is simple and attractive and conforming to safety regulations.
Each distributed product has strictly passed withstand voltage test, earth resistance test, leakage
      current test, and electrical parameter test.
The power cord is designed in detachable type and can be replaced according to different
      application regions.
CCC and CE certified
      Packing box and operating panel are clearly marked with responsible registered trademark.
Compact Model CLT-50S
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