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B-02AL L-Shaped Brushless Electric Screwdriver
B-02AL L-Shaped Brushless Electric Screwdriver new
Torque Range : 0.05~0.10 N.m

Brushless Type

RPM Adjustable

Small Angle Head Electric Screwdriver

Especially for Limited Assembly Space

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HIMAX B-02B B-03B The L-shaped HIMAX B-02AL is designed

for working environment with limited space,
E.g. The screws at the deep inside of the


High quality brushless motor

No need to change carbon brush, economic

and environmentally friendly.

Low RPM with Full Torque Output

Especially designed for the manufacture of

precise consumer electronics such as iPhone,

iPad, Android devices, smart phones, tablet

PC and wearing devices.

The lowest RPM reaches 100RPM and ensure

the full torque output under slow RPM.

Internal Adjustment of RPM

To meet the demand on various assembly

tasks, HIMAX B-02AL RPM can be steplessly

adjusted between 100RPM and 300RPM

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